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100 Million Jobs Recovery Plan

As of September 2020, more than 121 million jobs and livelihoods in the Travel and Tourism sector have been impacted globally creating the worst economic and social crisis.

An unprecedented crisis requires unprecedented action and collaboration. This is evident in the coordinated actions the G20 has taken in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic first steps.

Enhanced international coordination to remove barriers and build traveller confidence are critical to the sector’s survival and recovery. To achieve recovery, it is essential to provide certainty for the travellers in regard to travel restrictions and policies to facilitate domestic and international travel.

There is a unique window of opportunity for leaders from the public and private sector to work together to create the path forward to provide the economic recovery needed for the Travel & Tourism industry without compromising the necessary health measures and, bring back millions of jobs.

Under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and its Presidency of the G20 the global Travel & Tourism private sector was asked to put together a plan to support the recovery of the sector and bring back 100 million jobs.

Click here to download the 100 Million Jobs Recovery Plan