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With extensive experience acquired over the last 20 years, The Conference Company offers a specialist strategic consultancy service, including but not limited to the following key areas of international and national association conferencing.

Bid Compilation, Host Agreement Interpretation and Negotiation

  • Assisting the national association to bid for the International Conference. (We offer this service at no charge, working with the local bureaus and tourism bodies to ensure due diligence.)
  • Compilation of the bid document by the chairperson and host committee.
  • Assessment, evaluation and negotiation of hosting agreement.
  • Structure and formatting of relevant and conference specific budgets.
  • Co-ordination of financial support from the National and Regional Convention Bureau with regard to marketing, optimising participation and providing support services.

Conference Secretariat Governance and Procedures

  • Setting up of an independent entity to host the conference and comply with the financial statutory requirements under the South African framework.
  • Formulating a conference specific project plan with timelines, milestones and actions.

Supplier Evaluation and Vetting

  • Tender compilation for conference services from suppliers, transparent evaluation processing procedure, appointment and contract negotiation.

Professional Speaking

CEO, Nina Freysen-Pretorius, with her wealth of experience and passion for the industry, speaks on the following topics:

  • The Value of Meetings to the Economy.
  • 10 Steps to a Successful Meeting.